Schlosser Slab Slobber is a handcrafted mixture of food grade mineral oil and organic beeswax carefully formulated to revitalize your Schlosser Slab cutting board.

This conditioning kit includes an applicator pad.


Cutting Board Care Instructions


After each use:
Hand wash only with mild dish soap and warm water. 
NEVER submerge your cutting board in water.
NEVER place your cutting board in a dishwasher or microwave.
Immediately wipe dry and let air dry thoroughly. 


Monthly care:
Wash and dry cutting board as described above.
Using the included applicator pad, apply a liberal amount of Schlosser Slab Slobber to all surfaces of the cutting board in a circular motion. 
Let the cutting board sit overnight to reabsorb the mineral oil.
Buff off the excess in a circular motion using a cotton cloth.

Schlosser Slab Slobber - Cutting Board Conditioner

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